What are the advantages of telephone communication with your customers?

The ways to do business today are endless. From ordering online to emailing your clients for specific orders, it seems like the business phone has fallen to the wayside. Whether it is a personal phone turned business phone number for a startup or just your average business landline, having a phone number has become a part of some business’s past. … Read More

An Entrepreneur voip number to divert calls to mobile

Are You an Entrepreneur? If you are someone who has started their own business, product, or service, you may receive tons of calls a day that are solely related to your business alone. If you haven’t quite gotten your business up and running with a business phone, there are options that can save you from answering business calls at all … Read More

12 Simple phone customer service tips

A negative review can sink your small business and face it, your customers have options. Give them every reason to stay by always letting them know how much you appreciate their business. When a customer calls your company, they have the expectation that someone should answer. Be there or let them know when you will get back to them. Call … Read More

Building your business brand by using a virtual phone system

People tend to do business with individuals, companies and organizations that they perceive as trustworthy. With more and more business being conducted online, being perceived as trustworthy online can be a big boost to your business and online traffic. When people know they can reach you whenever they need to, they get a sense of security in doing business with … Read More