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Our call quality is the best in the business. Many of our current customers ditched their existing VoiP provider as soon as they tried our demo.
You sure can, simply select any number at check out and send us a note once you are in the application. We will work with you to port in your existing number. It can be local or toll-free. The process will take up to 2 weeks.
Yes. Simply select the country from the drop down when adding numbers. Restrictions apply.
Your plan comes with minutes allocated for outbound, inbound, toll-free, and international calls. We don’t charge you a penny if you go over those allotted minutes. We will, however, ask that you move into the next tier up if you continue to go over the minutes in your plan.
Yes, simply send us an mp3 file and we will add it to your account.
At this time we do not have an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile application that allows for you to make outbound calls. You can, however, use the outbound dialer in the web application.
At this time we do not have any mobile applications. You can, however, use our outbound dialer in the web interface.
You sure can, it takes a little bit of paper work but we will help you through it.