What are the advantages of telephone communication with your customers?

The ways to do business today are endless. From ordering online to emailing your clients for specific orders, it seems like the business phone has fallen to the wayside. Whether it is a personal phone turned business phone number for a startup or just your average business landline, having a phone number has become a part of some business’s past. But what does it say about your business if you don’t have a business phone number?

Creating the best customer experience means having a business number

Even as technology develops, phone numbers are considered a must have to both the computer savvy and the old timers. If you do not have a number for your business to be reached, you will end up losing the trust of future customers and even the loyal customers you have brought in over the years. Make sure that you have a business phone number so that you can keep increasing your profits and making an experience that is better for you and your clients each day.

What businesses face without a phone number

Businesses that do not have a phone number are at a disadvantage in many ways. The biggest disadvantage is reaching a customer base that is more familiar with calling on the telephone rather than visiting your website and ordering there. By having a phone number where other non-tech savvy customers can reach you, your business has a chance at accumulating more customers in the long run.

Who doesn’t have a phone number? If your business doesn’t have a telephone number, are you even considered a business? Most often times people who cannot find a telephone number for the place they are doing business, whether online or in a phone book, they will choose to not do business with them. You may be wondering why this is, but customers like knowing that they can communicate with the business on short notice to ask about store hours, prices or products, and more.

What are the advantages of telephone communication with your customers?

If the above disadvantages didn’t make you want to keep your business number, here are some of the advantages of keeping it and creating a better experience for you and your customers.

The first advantage is being able to use phone forwarding. If you are a small business, you have the option to create a business number using your personal or similar phone for your business. By having your personal number show up as your business number during business hours, you can still have the appearance of a professional business. Customers like being able to talk with the person they are doing business with and this is an easy way to stay connected with them.

If you are not always around to answer emails or check on online orders, having a phone number is an excellent way of getting more information about your customers and their needs. By having a voicemail set up, you can request that customers leave specific information for you to get back to them about. Unlike having a customer drop by the store on a day you are closed, having a phone number means being able to take in what you need from your customers even when you are not available to do so.